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Here at Nature's Health Clinic you will get to:

Discover What Imbalances Are In Your Body

You will be able to discover what is out of balance in your body chemistry even if you have had doctors tell you in the past that there is nothing wrong with you.

Have A Clear Vision On Your Journey To Natural Healing

You will be able to have a clear vision of what your health plan is based off of the specialized labs we run that are individualized labs to create a customized treatment plan that get results!

Achieve Lifelong Optimal Health

You will learn what it takes to achieve lifelong optimal health for your individual health because not one person is the same and everyone needs individualized care to achieving optimal health!

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To best serve you what is your major health concern that you want treated today? 


Learn what is the most effective treatment plan for your ADHD and how we can help you achieve Optimal ADHD Health!

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Thyroid Health

Discover what Nature's Health Clinic Does differently for your thyroid health vs your endocrinologist 

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Digestive Health

Find the root cause of your digestive health even if doctors have told you there is nothing you can do about it

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Other Health Issue

We treat a verity of other health issues and want to help you figure out what is the best option for your treatment.

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What Our Patients Have To Say

Kelley M.

"I have been going to Nature's Health Clinic for almost a year. Dr. LeGrand Peterson is knowledgeable, encouraging, straightforward, and takes the time to listen.

Under his guidance I have made positive changes in my health that will last a lifetime. I don't feel like a number; I feel heard, understood and valued...the way ideal treatment should be!"

Sarah J.

"Dr. LeGrand helped us tremendously by getting under control and treating my sons psoriasis. Within weeks, his psoriasis started healing. I am so grateful!"

Michelle W.

“My 8 year old son has struggled with ADHD in school for years. We did dietary changes a couple of years ago and saw major improvements but he still struggled with impulsivity and inattentiveness. Dr LeGrand introduced us to new treatment options and strategies and after about a month of treatment, we have seen even more improvements. Especially with his attention. So happy we found Dr. LeGrand!”

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Aimee J.

"I have been to numerous doctor's who continued to tell me that my issues with my thyroid were just in my head, my age, etc.

My first meeting with Dr. Peterson went way differently. He knew exactly what the issue was and got to work on fixing the root of the problem. Not only that, but he said he was going to get me off medication altogether!

I am feeling so much better and have lost 15 lbs too.

I would highly recommend Nature's Health Clinic to anyone with a thyroid issue."

April T.

"I have been taking my 16 year old daughter to Dr. LeGrand. For years she has struggled with stomach aches that have greatly impacted her quality of life. We exhausted all resources before going to Dr. LeGrand Peterson. Prior to this she had every test imaginable. The conclusion we came to is that it must just be stress.

Dr. LeGrand administered a special type of allergy testing and we FINALLY got to the bottom of her discomfort, food and environmental allergies. We removed the items and she immediately began to feel better. She has not felt this good in years! What a difference this has made for her. Thank you Dr. Peterson for putting her on a path to a healthy life! We cannot thank you enough!"

Arlyn A.

"Dr. LeGrand Peterson saved me from a life of prescription drugs. Before I met with Dr. LeGrand Peterson, my health was a wild roller coaster ride. About a year and a half ago, I felt like all food made me sick. I thought I had developed allergies to certain foods, even though growing up I was never allergic to any certain types of food.

I started seeing my primary care doctor when other concerning issues started to happen- I couldn’t keep food in my system & spent lots of days/nights curled up, weak on my couch. They sent me to a GI specialist. They diagnosed me with ulcerative colitis, and put me on 4 pills of Lialda which was going to cost me an astonishing $4,000 for a 3 month supply. Ridiculous! The GI specialist said I had to reorder the meds and I couldn’t fix my issues any other way. I didn’t believe her so I asked around.

A friend recommended Dr. LeGrand Peterson and I can’t thank her & him enough. He put me on a steady supplement regimen, and a good nutrition diet. I have been prescription-free since January, and feel better than ever! If you’re suffering with anything go see Dr. LeGrand Peterson, you will not regret it!"

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